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11 Dec 2022

Stop Writing Instructions and Use Nix

If you are still writing development environment setup instruction for your project, time to use Nix!

With Nix:

More over, you should use Nix Flakes. This upcoming new feature of Nix will power-up your build environment with a lock file that is similar to your yarn.lock/package-json.lock/Cargo.lock/etc., but for all types of projects.

It is a experience changer for many engineering organizations, e.g. at shopify.

Personally, each time I want to contribute to an open source project, the first thing I would do is to add a flake.nix to their project and decorate their CONTRIBUTING.md with a much more concise development environment setup using Nix section.

For more reasons why you should use Nix, I recommend these readings:

After you are "nix pilled" inevitably, Nix official website has a pretty decent collection of learning materials from getting started to comprehensive references.

There are also some good materials done by the community:

Further more, Nix Flakes have also its own interesting materials to read:

Happy Nix!

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